Fishing Report

September 28, 2014



It's official, Good Times Sportfishing is done for the 2014 season on Lake Ontario. This year, ending the season was brought with mixed feelings, as always being a couple of "Fish Heads" George and I are always sad to see another season come to an end. This season though finished with some of the worst Salmon fishing in late summer / early fall that I have ever seen. This sentiment was felt from port to port across the Lake and byevery boat we talked to. Thankfully the spring and mid-summer fishing was so HOT! We are OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR BOOKING 2015! We have been holding off all summer to do this, so if fishing with Lake Ontario's premier charter boat is on your to-do list for 2015 give us a call ASAP. Last season we were 3/4 booked by Thanksgiving!  

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August 24, 2014



Kings are still behind where they should be for this time of year in regards to both migrations patterns and staging behavior. This is good news for those with more fishing to do and not so good news for those that are done fishing for the season. GTS has been supplementing what are more modest boxes of Kings for this time of year with Steelhead, Lakers and Browns. Kings are being taken from 100' – 300' of water on riggers from 75' -125', 300' and 400' coppers and wires from 175' – 300'. Lakers are coming easily north of the "Big River" in 115'-130' on the usual cowbell and whirly-gig combos. Steelhead and Browns while being caught daily are more of a by-catch while salmon fishing but could easily be targeted by willing anglers. 

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July 24, 2014


Summer fishing conditions are in full swing in Mexico Bay, Good deep water thermoclines are set up in the bay ranging from 60'-100' down and responding appropriately to the wind direction as are the big 3 summer species in the bay: Lake Trout, King Salmon and Brown Trout. Browns are being taken in the upper edge of the thermocline from 56F-60F on structure with the usual spoon programs. Salmon are being taken from one end of the bay to the other with hot spots changing with wind and bait daily. The kings are taking a wide assortment of meat, spoons and paddles equally. Lakers are coming easily north of the "Big River" in 115'-130' on the usual cowbell and whirly-gig combos. 


June 14, 2014

They say variety is the spice of life, that should be the theme over the past few weeks. A VERY cold Lake Ontario has caused the salmonoid species of the lake to not stratify as they should based on temperature thresholds that are usually setting up with the thermocline. It has been very rare to go out and catch less than 3 different species and on many days 4 and 5 species of salmonoids are common. A program of weighted flat lines, short coppers and lead cores run off the boards with a full spoon program has been a key component of GTS fishing this spring. Pair that with down riggers with long leads in the top 40' of the water column and full boxes will be had! Fish have been had around the buoy line off 9 mile to as far north as the shipping lanes in Mexico Bay with depths ranging from 40' – 400'! They key has been to look for temperature breaks, colored water, diving birds, dead bait on the surface and to COVER WATER.


May 14, 2014

2014 fishing season is here! After what looked to be like a never ending winter the boat is in the water and fishing is underway. Fishing so far this season has been very good with Rapala J-11's being the go to bait in orange/gold, orange belly perch and black/silver. Planer boards and weighted flat lines have been doing most of the damage from the Little Salmon River north to Stony Point. We are currently gearing up to fish Jon's Brown Trout derby so we have been primarily targeting Browns, but after this coming Saturday we will start to explore the depths more as we are getting reports of good catches of Kings off shore. 

After a few years of uncertainty with the Light House Marina we are excited to announce that it is under new ownership. We have seen many upgrades on the docks and lodging. If you are fishing with Good Times Sportfishing this summer and have not locked down your lodging yet we encourage you to consider the Light House cabins and make sure you tell them that Nick and George sent you!



December 19, 2013

As I write this I just finished a fantastic Thanksgiving meal with family.  As usual, on a day like today, one thinks of what they have to be thankful for. After my health and family, my mind immediately thinks of all the things Captain George and I have to be thankful for associated with Good Times Sportfishing:

1.      There are few businesses we see that have a pair of partners that work so well together. We are thankful for having the honor to work with such easy going, good people on the boat.

2.       We have the chance to spend over a 100 days a year pursuing our passion of fishing on what is arguably the best freshwater fishery on the planet. 

3.       We have clients that have remained loyal over the years, and I am proud to report that 90% of our trips are repeat customers. Day after day George and I have the opportunity to fish with people who at this point feel like old friends.


2013 started off with the DEC projecting near-record numbers of Trout and Salmon again. We started off the year great, smashing up the Trout along the South Shore. One day in particular stands out, and involves a good buddy Brian Hollenbeck coming up from PA for an 8 hour trip.  Four hours into the trip we had 1 small Brown, and it was looking to be a very slow day. George and I decided to add some weight to the lines and swing out deeper due to the high sun. On our first pass we doubled, giving us just cause to stay in the area.  Over the next few hours we managed to boat around 25 monster fish encompassing 5 of the 6 Salmonoid species in the lake! From there we had 2 weeks of strong south winds that drove the much needed warm water to Canada, shutting down the Brown Trout fishing at a pivotal time in the season. Along the South Shore fisherman were up in arms about the poor Brown Trout fishing. GTS didn’t waste any time looking for answers and quickly adapted to a Lake Trout and Salmon program that kept coolers full and clients happy until the thermocline could set-up and provide quality Brown Trout fishing again.

From mid –June on we managed to have steady action of Kings in Mexico Bay. Targeting Kings more than in recent years, coupled with the solid Lake Trout template we put together made for plenty of action and limit catches though the summer.

2013 was a windier year than any I can remember, causing us to move or cancel many trips. We worked hard to fit these trips in the schedule and found trips for nearly all our blow offs. Just another reason why we are the first-choice for Salmon and Trout Charters on Lake Ontario!

~Capt. Nick Lee

We have committed to the following outdoor shows as of now:


Valley Outdoors Cabin Fever Expo

Mifflinburg Intermediate School

Mifflinburg, PA

Feb 22 & 23, 2014


Great Outdoor Family Expo

YMCA Fairgrounds Fitness Center

Watertown, NY

March 28-30, 2014


Susquehanna Branch of QDMA Dinner Banquet

The Montrose VFW

Montrose, PA

March 22, 2014 – Cocktails start @ 6 p.m. (cash bar)


GTS has had a great relationship with this chapter of QDMA over the years. As always, we will be raffling off a 6-hour fishing trip to benefit the chapter. Dinner tickets can be obtained from Dave Seinko @ 570-396-3125 (Tickets include dinner buffet and QDMA membership, there will be prizes and raffles at the event). This is usually a sellout event, so call soon!


We hope to see you in 2014! As of Thanksgiving we have over 80 trips booked, so if catching trophy Trout and Salmon is on your to-do list, please contact us soon with desired trip dates.


Contact info:

Capt. Nick Lee: 315-778-8245

Capt. George Haskins: 607-768-9121





September 7, 2013

Salmon fishing is phenomenal right now in Mexico Bay and some Kings are starting to show up in Henderson. This will end up being a VERY short salmon season for the boys in Henderson and a VERY long one for Mexico Bay. Good salmon fishing has been available since July and as I write this, I would guess that 2/3 of the salmon that are going to run the Salmon River have not even shown up yet! 11" e-chips tipped with Big Weenie flies are KILLING them right now out there…. Depths are changing daily with the waves of fresh fish and the winds. A week ago we were killing them in 70' of water and today we were peppering them in 160' the key is to realize that darker staging fish can be followed right out of temp and up the river and that if those fish are not cooperating there are daily waves of fresh silver kings that are setting up where the thermocline meets the bottom. This dues to their natural urge to get as close to the river as they can but have not been tempered for the warmer water yet. 



August 14, 2013

GTS is absolutely tuning up the Kings out in Mexico Bay right now! 120-160 FOW from Catfish to Southwicks Beach are producing HUGE boxes of BIG fish. This is by far the best size class of staging Kings I have seen in a while. Henderson Harbor has not got invaded yet but it will any day now. Kings are taking Big Weenie Flies (available at Jon's Tackle in Mexico) in "Blue Weenie" and "Shark Week". Pro-Kings new line of chrome paddles (available at Woodies Tackle in Port Ontario) have been Deadly! Wires from 250-320, Riggers from 90-130 and 400/500 coppers have been the weapons of choice. Browns are set up on the "humps" and Lakers are off the "finger" …………………… But really, who cares! when the King Salmon fishing is this good!!! 


August 3, 2013

Brown Trout are being taken steadily on the "humps" off the Big River and up on the "Wall". Find 56F to 60F water over structure and the fish should be there. Michigan Stinger spoons in the standard size in glow patterns in the AM and natural patterns when the sun comes up have been producing. Salmon are being taken steadily from 9 Mile Point to Stony Point in 110-150 FOW. Big Weenie Fly's in "Shark Week" and "Blue Weenie" on chrome paddles have been doing well on divers and riggers set at 95-120'. Lake Trout are business as usual on the "Finger" from 120-140 FOW. 



July 22, 2013

For the past few weeks GTS has been beating up on the local Brown Trout and Lake Trout populations then finishing the afternoon on Salmon. That was until…. The BIG west winds July 19th and 20th. These winds caused canceled trips, 50 MPH gusts and 5 gallon pails to be blown from the deck of our 30' SportCraft never to be seen again. And when it was all over we went out to 150 FOW in front of the river and they were home! King Salmon have invaded Mexico Bay! The past few trips GTS has been targeting only kings and they have been cooperating. Wires from 250'-325' out, DR's set from 85'-105' and 400 coppers have been beating up on the salmon. Hot tickets have been Pro-King Spoons (available at Woodies Tackle in Port Ontario), 11" paddles paired with meat and 8" chips with Big Weenie: Pole Dancer and Custom Blue Weenie Flies (available at Jon's Tackle in Mexico). Given the numbers of fish and the timing in the summer I would say that these fish are here to stay and that this will be another King Salmon season that will be talked about for years (the past 2 years the catch rate to angler hour ratio is the highest its ever been). 


July 4, 2013

The Good Times III is back at the Light House Marina in Pulaski, NY. After some windy days in the spring we have had pretty consistent weather the last few weeks (by consistent we mean calm winds and rainy). GTS has been doing well on Lake Trout in 110 – 150 FOW from the South Dune north to Stony Point on Cow Bell/Spinny combos with chartreuse being the ticket most days. After a few weeks of tough Brown Trout fishing in Mexico Bay the Browns are back and taking standard Stinger presentations in 56-60 degree F water along humps in the bay. Salmon fishing is getting better by the day, Kings are coming off the Dunes on E-Chip/Big Weenie combos in 110-150 FOW  on wires set from 220-280', riggers from 55-95' and 300 and 400 coppers.  



April 30, 2013


GTS is off and running for the 2013 fishing season. Due to a late start getting the docks in at our marina we are docked at the Anchor Marina in Fair Haven, NY currently and hope to be back down to the Light House Marina in Pulaski by the first week in May. The fishing this season has been well………. Feast or Famine, when water conditions are set up right giving us proper water color and temperature the fishing has been excellent for many different species. We have caught as many Salmon and Lake Trout this season as we have Brown Trout! Fish have been taking a variety of spoons but the "gold perch" and "gold rosemarys baby" from Michigan Stinger have been hot! Jointed Rapalas in the J-9 and J-11 size in "white perch" and "black/silver" have been producing for sticks. One technique that needs to be pointed out is the utilization of deep water, alot of days when the shallow water bite has been tough GTS has been able to put fish in the box be using weighted lines and mini-disks over water up to 60' deep.



 December 7, 2012



We usually start seeing the first schools of Kings in Mexico Bay in short spurts starting in mid-June.  This year, however, we had large schools in April that never seemed to leave, making up for our spotty Brown Trout fishing. Although the number of Browns didn’t seem to be what they were in 2011 the size and quality of the fish were EXCELLENT! We are concluding this to be due to the balmy winter keeping the Browns feeding heavier on the bait through the winter months. For the clients who came during mid-summer looking for numbers, GTS did not want to let them down and kept their Lake Trout program dialed in all summer long.  Fishing for these goliaths of the deep is something many charter operations in the bay avoid due to the long boat ride, but putting clients first and fish in the box is what sets us apart from the rest.

As we look back on the highlights of 2012 and into 2013, there are a few topics that come to mind. First, we had a TREMENDOUS tournament season with clients finishing in the money in every tournament they fished with us this year, and all but one winning enough money to pay for their entire trip! We started the year finishing 1st in “Jon’s Brown Trout Derby” with Josh Ely’s clan of family and friends.  Watching a group of kids put a hurtin’ on some of the lake’s best charter and tournament teams of grown men will go down as one of the highlights of the year. Our second client tournament was the “Little Salmon River Challenge”.  The Irons party finished 2nd overall and 1st in the Calcutta. We finished the tournament season with the boys from Hall’s Marine taking 10th in the “Fair Haven Challenge”. As we write this we still have one tournament still open in 2013.

If adding a little stress (over the ones that got away!) and excitement (more than usual!) to your charter is something you’re interested, in give us a call and we can fill you in on the details. 2013 is predicted to have an above average snow fall which should prove to be another tremendous spring! Couple that with strong stocking reports on Kings over the last few years and we should have another fantastic season!



We have committed to the following outdoor shows as of now:





New York Sportsman Show




SRC Arena



4585 W. Seneca Tpk

Syracuse, NY

Jan 11-13, 2013


Valley Outdoors Cabin Fever Expo




Mifflinburg High School



Mifflinburg, PA

Feb 23 & 24, 2013


Owego Outdoor Sportsman Show




Owego Treadway Inn



Owego, NY

March 9 & 10, 2013


Great Outdoor Family Expo




YMCA Fairgrounds Fitness Center



Watertown, NY

March 22 – 24, 2013


PA Outdoor Life Expo




Lycoming Mall          



Montoursville, PA

April 4 – 7, 2013


We hope to see you in 2013! As of Thanksgiving we have over 60 trips booked, so if catching trophy Trout and Salmon is on your to-do list, please contact us soon with desired trip dates.






Contact info:







Capt. Nick Lee: 315-778-8245

Capt. George Haskins: 607-768-9121




October 2, 2012

Well after another amazing season GTS is putting away the Good Times III for the year. We are booking up faster than normal this season with over 60 trips already booked for 2013. If fishing in 2013 is on your "to-do-list" give us a call ASAP and we will work with you to make sure you are taken care of (don't worry about your deposit until after X-mas).

For those of you still fishing, salmon can still be caught in tight water at the mouths of Lake O's tributaries running spoons off of shallow riggers and flat lining stick baits and J-Plugs. With water temperatures dropping fall Pike, Walleye, Bass and Musky will be into full swing. In past years GTS has done extremely well watching surface temperatures. When they dip below 58F run shallow diving stick baits in 10-20FOW in Henderson, Chuamont and Black River Bays for some fast action on Pike, Eyes and Bass!

August 31, 2012

SALMON, SALMON, SALMON! That is the only thing on anglers minds in the Eastern End of Lake Ontario right now. With the Salmon River fish hatchery in Altmar being the only hatchery on Lake Ontario in US waters and Kings and Cohos being imprinting fish its no surprise that the waters in front of the Salmon River in Pulaski are the best salmon fishing in the USA right now! Fish are being taken on 8" and 11" e-chips with Big Weenie Flies, 21" leads off of 8" paddles and 30" leads off of 11" paddles are the ticket. Fish are being taken anywhere from 50-150FOW in Mexico Bay. As the fish get deeper into staging J-Plugs are taking more fish by the day. With fish getting shallower old deep water colors are being replaced by other parts of the color spectrum with shorter wavelengths that appear higher in the water column. Time to pull out the "RockStar" and run it high!

August 12, 2012

Winds in Mexico Bay have anything but consistent both direction and strength have been all over the place making for some unique fishing. Keeping an eye on wind direction and its impact on the thermocline have been key to putting Browns in the box. Days of going out to the "humps" from the Salmon River to Catfish Creek and filling your cooler with Browns have been hard without both a down temp unit and a little know-how of up-welling and down-welling temperature currents. Salmon Fishing has been very good as of late with Kings seeming to be getting into staging patterns earlier than normal. Fish are being caught from 80 FOW and out on a mixture of spoons and paddle/fly combinations. As with the past few years the Big Weenie: "Pole Dancer" and "Custom Blue Weenie" have been the hot tickets off of 8" white and green e-chips. Lake Trout fishing is up to its normal patterns with bell and spin-n-glow combos fished on bottom from 120-160FOW being the norm. Lakers are being taken from Sandy Pond and North.

July 17, 2012

Brown Trout fishing has been excellent in Mexico Bay, Summer Browns are attracted to areas that hold 56F – 60F water on deep water structure. GTS has doing limits of these "football" daily in 65-95 FOW around Mexico Bay. Glow spoons early morning and in overcast conditions and natural colors during bright sun have been the ticket. Regular size spoons loaded off the "riggers" from 50-70' down and "divers" set anywhere from 100'-150' loaded with mag spoons have been the weapon of choice.

Lake Trout are being caught from the mouth of the Salmon River and North using traditional summer techniques of "cowbells" but over the past few weeks we have seen more being caught on salmon gear set deep to target suspended fish.

Salmon fishing is up and down daily with the area just North of the Salmon River being the hotest from 120-180 FOW. Fish have been tacking a combination of Erie Dearie meat rigs and Big Weenie Flies from 100-50 down off of "Riggers", "Divers" and "Copper"

June 25, 2012

Salmon are back! Large schools of salmon are being taken from Oswego to Henderson in waters from 120' -140'. E-chips in white and green with both Big Weenie Flies and Erie Derie Cut Bait have been hot on riggers set at 80'-110' and wires from 225'-325'. Steel head are being taken up high off of stinger spoons "free slid" off of the riggers. Natural color spoons with a touch of glow taped have been constant producers as well. Brown trout fishing is starting to stabalize at the 56-60F thermocline but catches have been up and down. Lake Trout fishing has been good off of the "Finger" in 124-175 FOW running the usual program of "bells".

June 7, 2012 

Salmon fishing is slowed on the East End of Lake Ontario but Brown Trout and Lake Trout fishing is still excellent. Brown Trout are being caught off the mouth of the Salmon River and Stony Point Light House in 30-90 FOW in the top 50' of the water column. Down riggers set at 10-50', divers as 60-120', and snap weights from 1-4oz and mini-disks 50-150' off of planer boards have been good producers. Michigan Stinger spoons in the UV patterns have been good in sunny conditions while glow patters have been producing in low light and dark conditions. Lake Trout are being taken all over "The Finger" from 100-160FOW off of cowbell and spin-n-glow combo's. Be sure to click on the 'F' at the bottom of the website and 'Like' our FaceBook page for more up-to-date fishing reports. 

May 21, 2012

Fishing has been very good for Browns the last few weeks. The big schools of Kings off of the Power Plant have dried up but they will be back for short period throughout the summer before they begin staging. Brown Trout fishing has been great though, Big fish have been suspended over deep water in the top 30' of the water column. A combination of down riggers loaded with spoons and Big Jon Mini Disks on a "0" setting run 50-150' off the planer boards have been constant producers. GTS has been starting with an "all glow" presentation in the morning and transitioning to natural colors on sunny days.

This past weekend (5-19) GTS competed in the "Jon's Little Salmon River Brown Trout Derby" against 48 other charter and tournament teams from around the lake. The competition was based on a 6-fish box. GTS not only took 1st overall but we also took 1st in the youth division as our WHOLE team was kids under 12! These kids beat the snot out of the adult teams winning not by ounces but by 10lbs! GTS also took 2nd in the Big fish category (Calcutta) with a 13.8lb Brown Trout. Our total weight of our 6 fish box was 54.4lbs, Thats over 9lb/avg fish!

May 6, 2012 

Fishing is some of the best I have ever seen in May right now! In Mexico Bay not only are we pounding on the Big Brownies in typical spring fashion but we are also CRUSHING the Kings! Big Kings are being taken all over the bay off spoons set on the riggers at 45-75 ' down and wire divers with 8" e-chips and Big Weenie Flies from 150' to 225' out, over water up to 140' deep. Big Browns are being caught along the shorelines early on, but due to this  springs abnormal conditions many days we find ourselves fishing for them as deep as 50'. Stinger spoons in: Hammer, Tuxedo and Clown are HOT as well as white e-chips with Custom Blue Weenie Flies. Don't forger to "Like" us on Facebook to get day to day fishing reports!

April 16, 2012

Fishing is still very good in the area, but with the warm temperatures, low runoff and surface temperatures ahead of schedule knowing how to adapt has been key. First trolling the shallow waters of the shoreline with planer boards may work in the mornings but often not work through out the day like it usually does this time of year. Slipping out to deeper water up to 50' may be the ticket with surface temperatures on some days getting over the preferred temperature for alot of fish a quality surface temp unit is key to find temperature breaks as well as a down temperature sensor for finding sub-surface breaks. Getting to know your sonar and paying close attention to temperature will be key.

As far as fishing goes its been pretty hot! Large catches of browns are happening all over the south shore with Kings even being taken from the Salmon River and West. Stick baits and spoon have been key in the natural colors on clear days and bright colors on cloudy days.

April 5, 2012 

 We are in the full swing of things all along the south shore of Lake Ontario. Big Browns are being caught and in good numbers. A few key reminders for catching Spring Browns:

  1. Look for stained water. This colored water provides confidence for feeding Browns and nutrients important to attracting schools of bait fish.
  2. Look for warmer water pockets. This does a few things; first the warmer water will allow "hatches" and "blooms" of key forages for bait fish to happen that might not otherwise occur if key temperature thresholds aren't met in colder water. Secondly it raises the metabolism and activity of fish.
  3. When fishing clear water stretches, stealth is key. Size down your line and lure size and lengthen your leads to work spooky fish.
  4. By now with water temperatures in the mid-40's, both spoons and sticks will work well. If running stick baits, remove all but the back hook to avoid "leveraging" the bait out of the fish's mouth. If running light spoons like "Stingers", use 1/8 -1/4oz of shot to get them down a few feet.

We will be updating pictures, videos and tips daily on our Facebook Page so click on the Blue 'F' on our page and "Like" Good Times Sportfishing to stay up to date. We also have many great dates still open, if catching trophy fish is something you would like to do book your trip soon!

March 19, 2012

We have been able to get out a couple times in the past week and the fishing has been tremendous! Limit catches have been the norm over the past week but the fish are a bit lethargic. GTS usually relies primarily on weighted-spoon-flat lines for its spring browns but with the cold water jointed and straight sticks pulled between 1.5-2.0 mph have been key because of their ability to handle the slower speeds better. Once the sun gets bright or a pocket of warm water with active fish have been found pushing 2.0-2.4 mph is suitable. From the Salmon River and West has been extremely hot. GTS still has some great spring fishing days left if catching trophy trout is something you would like to do – no expierience necessary!

March 12, 2012 

Let the count down begin! In 16 days the GTIII will be set down in Fair Haven, NY for what is looking to be a TREMENDOUS Brown Trout season. All reports we are getting from around the lake are that the fishing is PHENOMINAL!!!! We still have two more shows in the pipe line though…


Greater Outdoor Family Expo in Watertown, NY; March 23 thru 25, 2012 at the Fairgrounds Arena  


Field, Hearth and Home Show in Owego, NY; March 31 thru April 1, 2012 at the Treadway and Conference Center

Great Fishing Dates are still available for BIG Spring Browns on Light Tackle so book your trip of a lifetime today!



January 16, 2012 

In a little over a week, Good Times Sportfishing will be kicking off its 1st outdoor show of the season in Allegany, NY at the Daniel Carter Events Center. We expect a good showing so if you have date(s) in mind for 2012 give us a call soon and we will pencil you in. Hope to see you all there!  

December 17, 2011

The 2012 Kinzua Outdoor & Travel Show (3/2 & 3/3) in Bradford, Pa has been canceled, therefore we've added the:

     January 28 & 29, 2012, Saturday 10 to 5  & Sunday 10 to 4     

     located at: Daniel Center Events Center in Allegany, NY

     We hope to see all our friends from the Bradford area there!

     February 18 & 19, 2012, Saturday 9 to 5 & Sunday 9 to 4

     located at: Bloomsburg Fair Ground in Bloomsburg, PA

     We hope to see all our friends from central PA!
We will also be at the:

 ** Valley Outdoors Cabin Fever Expo ** in Mifflinburg, PA; Feb 25 & 26, 2012
 ** Greater Outdoor Family Expo ** in Watertown, NY; March 23 thru 25, 2012   

November 27, 2011

What a year it has been for Good Times Sportfishing! A lot has happened over the past year, starting with an LLC formed by Captain George Haskins and Captain Nick Lee that now runs two boats on Lake Ontario. Captain Nick redesigned the GTS website in the spring, and also set up a Facebook to keep clients up-to-date of the happenings of GTS, and to serve as a data base for pictures and videos. Captain George was hard at work all summer updating equipment on the boat with new downriggers and a new state of the art GPS mapping system from Navionics and Hummingbird.

Fishing, oh the fishing!!! This was hands down the BEST season we have had on Lake Ontario. The season started out with 20-50 Brown Trout days out on the South Shore and it never slowed down!! We had more limit trips this year than non-limit trips; there is truly something to be said about that! GTS also ventured out of its comfort zone and tackled (no pun intended) many new fishing programs head on. From deep water jigging for Trout and Salmon using Tuna Jigs, to Fall trolling for Northern Pike on the GTIII out of Henderson Harbor, we pushed our fishing to the limits. From all of the information we gathered this year, we plan on making a few changes for the upcoming season. Starting with Early Brown Trout along the South Shore of Lake Ontario, we are planning on fishing for Browns Starting April 2 this year out of Fair Haven, NY. We have utilized this fishery on our small boat and made the decision that the fishing is just TOO GOOD not to take our big boat down there, adding an extra month onto the SportCraft’s season.

We have committed to the following shows as of now, with others to be added soon:

  • Valley Outdoors Cabin Fever Expo – Mifflinburg, PA – 2/25-2/26
  • Kinzua Outdoor & Travel Show – Bradford, PA – 3/2-3/3 – Cancled
  • Great Outdoor Family Expo – Watertown, NY – 3/23-3/25

You can keep up to date with shows being added on our Facebook page (under pages search Good Times Sportfishing, or click on the “F” at the bottom of our website) or on our website (under Fishing Reports).

We hope many of you are planning to come back and fish with us again this year. Many have already booked trips for 2012. Last year we booked over 20 trips between Christmas and the Super Bowl, so if there is a date you want to lock in call ASAP (deposits can wait until after February 1st).


Contact info:







Capt. Nick Lee 315-778-8245

Capt. George Haskins 607-768-9121


Happy Holidays! We hope to hear from you all in 2012!






Tight lines,

Captain Nick & Captain George

September 15, 2011

Salmon fishing is doing its final death rolls in the area. Each day has been either feast of famen recently. What has been consistent from day to day is the pre-dawn/ early morning bite. During this time J-Plugs have been the star of the show with #5 Green Glow Ladder Back and Green Glow Silver Hordes doing the bulk of the damage. GTS has been running these baits off of boards using snap weights to drop them down on the Kings. Mid day mixes of Spoons and Paddle/Fly combos have been good with Cut bait/ 11" E-chip combo's being absolutely destructive to the local King populations on the right days. With fish running and staging at the same time where the hot bite is daily changes but will be anywhere from river mouths to 100FOW.

Bass, Walleye and Perch fishing is still good and tactics remain the same as previous reports.

Good Times Sportfishing has recently secured a slip for the "Good Times III" in Henderson Harbor!!! We will be offering Pike-Bass-Walleye trips all Fall in the Henderson/Sackets area of Lake Ontario. We have offered these trips in the past on our 22' "Good Times IV" but this is the first year the big boat will be up there……. Because of this we will be offering HUGE discounts:

6 hour trip aboard the 30' GTIII $400

8 hour trip aboard the 30' GTIII $500

(all trips based on 1-4 people)

Call Captain Nick Lee ASAP if interested in booking a fall trip for trophy Pike, Bass and Walleye….. This is usually the best fishing for these species of the year! with double digit catches usually the norm!!!

For daily updates be sure to add to your list of Facebook pages.

August 31, 2011 

Salmon fishing is some of the best GTS has ever seen right now with limit catches being the norm in the waters surrounding area of Port Ontario. While Henderson Harbor hasn't been producing nearly the numbers of Salmon as the Pulaski region, fishing is still good. Fish have been taking a steady diet of E-chip Flashers and Big Weenie flies as well as Cut bait run off 11'' paddles. Fish have remained consistent from 50-100 FOW near bottom…

Walleye fishing is very good right now off the deep water shoals in Lake Ontario, whether the fish want baits ran on structure or pulled over deep water on suspended fish is changing daily.

Bass fishing is great anywhere on structure from 25-40FOW using crabs and shiners. Make sure to hit Henchen's Marina for your bait needs. As well as fish cleaning.

Perch fishing is still great in area bays in 20-30FOW

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August 14, 2011

Salmon fishing is excellent all over the Eastern Basin with the area of Mexico Bay around Port Ontario being the best. Salmon are coming in 100-150FOW from 70' to the bottom on an assortment of E-Chips and Big Weenie Flies as well as Moonshine Spoons. Lakers are still being taken all over the Finger on Bells/Spin'n'Glows. Brown Trout program has been the same as the last few weeks. 

Walleye fishing is excellent around area shoals on deep diving stick baits. The areas around the Galloo's and Charity Shoal most notably. 

Bass fishing is great anywhere on structure from 25-40FOW using crabs and shiners. Make sure to hit Henchen's Marina for your bait needs. As well as fish cleaning.

Perch fishing is still great in area bays in 20-30FOW

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July 31, 2011

They're back! Kings are back in the eastern basin after playing a disappearing act for a few weeks. They are more spread out than before though, with reports coming in anywhere from 130-300 FOW. Also this match is more heavy on spoons than before, but Big Weenie Flies and 8" e-chips are still taking the bulk of fish.

Brown Trout fishing is still tremendous on structure in 56-60 degree water with limits usually the norm. Glow spoons (AM/overcast days) and natural colors/silver back (sunny days).

Lake Trout fishing is excellent off of the "Finger" from 120-160FOW on bells and spin n' glows. 

Perch is great in area bays from 20-30FOW

Bass is excellent all over with the Henderson Islands getting a solid nod from 15-30 FOW.

Walleye are showing up suspended off of deep water near mid-lake shoals. Early deep-water Walleye fishing provides a unique situation where in certain cases, the Walleyes are suspended 20-30' down over 60-80FOW allowing anglers to target them with stickbaits off of boards, while at the same time targeting Browns near bottom.

July 19, 2011

Kings are still being taken on the east end of Lake Ontario but not in the large numbers we had a few weeks ago. Riggers, wire dipsys and especially COPPER have all taken their share of kings. While Spoons have been working, 8" e-chips and Big Weenie Flys have definitely been the star of the show. Best combos are: (white e-chip/blue weenie) and (chartreuse e-chip/pole dancer)

Brown can still be found on structure in high 50's low 60's F water. Navionics maps loaded on your boats GPS are key for success in locating deep water structure.

Lake Trout are being taken all over the "finger" from 110-140' using cowbells on bottom.

Steelhead are being thrown in when fishing for kings or browns… if fishing deep don't forget to rig some high rods or sliders for the chrome

Walleye fishing should be turning on any day now on the deep water shoals surrounding Galloo Islands, Charity and Pigeon. Reef Runners, Deep Diving Husky Jerks and Deep Diving Thundersticks trolled off inline-planer boards will work. Don't be afraid to pull those baits over deep water > 50' or "bang bottom" with them around the contours to put fish in the boat trolling speeds of 1.7-2.3 mph will be the ticket.

Bass are being taken all over the Henderson area from 5-25' and perch are being found all over area bays from 15-30FOW.

July 11, 2011

Kings are being taken on the east end of Lake Ontario and in large numbers, varying winds have caused movements in the thermocline but utilizing a down temperature sensor or quality sonar should help in finding the 44F – 54F water where they reside. Riggers, wire dipsys and especially COPPER have all taken their share of kings. While Spoons have been working, 8" e-chips and Big Weenie Flys have definitely been the star of the show. Best combos are: (white e-chip/blue weenie) and (chartreuse e-chip/pole dancer)

Brown can still be found on structure in high 50's low 60's F water. Navionics maps loaded on your boats GPS are key for success in locating deep water structure.

Lake Trout are being taken all over the "finger" from 110-140' using cowbells on bottom.

Steelhead are being thrown in when fishing for kings or browns… if fishing deep don't forget to rig some high rods or sliders for the chrome

Walleye and Pike have slowed way down, but the eyes should be setting back up soon on the deep water shoals of the east end.

Bass are being taken all over the Henderson area from 5-25' and perch are being found all over area bays from 15-30FOW.

July 3, 2011

Kings are here!!! From Oswego to Henderson Kings are being taken on the east end of Lake Ontario, recently winds have pushed the thermocline down causing the beasts to go deep, but riggers set at 90-130', wire from 275-375' and 400+ coppers have all taken their share of kings. They have been taking a steady diet of spoons and 8" echip flashers / Big Weenie fly combos.

Brown can still be found on structure in high 50's low 60's F water. Navionics maps loaded on your boats GPS are key for success in locating deep water structure.

Lake Trout are being taken all over the "finger" from 110-140' using cowbells on bottom.

Steelhead are being thrown in when fishing for kings or browns… if fishing deep don't forget to rig some high rods or sliders for the chrome

Walleye and Pike have slowed way down, but the eyes should be setting back up in a few weeks on the deep water shoals of the east end.

Bass are being taken all over the Henderson area from 5-25' and perch are being found all over area bays from 15-30FOW.

June 25, 2011
Fishing is still very good in the area, a thermocline has start to set up on Lake Ontario and is stabilizing the Salmonoid populations. Browns are still being taken from Henderson and West. Depending on where sub-surface water temps are, they are being found along structure from 40-70 FOW. Stinger spoons in natural colors mid-day and glow early-on or overcast days have been the ticket. Salmon are starting to show up in deeper water in the area very sporadically and are being taken from about 40' and down. They should be starting to stabilize very soon as the thermocline becomes more pronounced.

 Perch fishing is still GREAT but with summer underway they are moving off of deep water structure and into 20-30' bays from Henderson North. 2011 looks to be another year of phenomenal Bass fishing, 5-15 FOW around the Henderson area islands and rocky shore lines are producing plenty of fish both casting and drifting.

June 15, 2011

This is the first fishing report of the season for GTS and all I have to say is………WOW. This has been some of the best spring trolling I have EVER seen!!! Spring Browns… Phenomenal Pike… Phenomenal Walleye…. Bigger than usual. Great rains, favorable winds and tons of bait have kept fishing consistently excellent this season.

Browns are being caught from the "cut" in Henderson Harbor and south, off of the mouth of the Salmon River and just about any deep water structure in Mexico Bay……. with warmer waters near shore target 30-60FOW 10-40' down.. spoons off the riggers, divers and mini disks / snap weights off the boards are all producing fish.

Pike are starting to move deeper and will soon start to revert back to their true nature as ambush predators. Target them along side Walleye by trolling deep diving baits from 20-60 FOW. If Pike are hungry, they will come as your baits start to get within 10' of bottom. Try areas such as Point Peninsula, Bull Rock and the Isthmus. It won't be long before they are making their journey to the deep water shoals of Lake Ontario.

Perch are biting…. Everywhere……. bounce bottom with 1oz droppers and fat heads in Henderson Harbor, off Horse Island, the High Rocks and Chaumont Bay.

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