Salmon– There are three types of Salmon we catch in Lake Ontario: King, Coho and Atlantic Salmon. But it’s the “King” that we most often target and it’s known by that name for good reason. These fish will put a man to his physical limits with their long runs and sheer power. We target these fish from July – September starting miles off shore and following these fish as they move into the rivers to spawn. Port Ontario lies at the mouth of the Salmon River and is by far the best port in the Great Lakes to target trophy Kings!

Lake Trout– Lake Trout in Lake Ontario average 5-20 lbs in size and due to the deep water they inhabit in the summer we often target them along side Salmon. What could be better than the fast action of Lake Trout and the fighting power of King Salmon….. It’s like having your cake and eating it too!!

Brown Trout– Lake Ontario has some of the biggest Brown Trout in the world and LOTS of them! The Brown Trout season kicks off in late March with shallow water trolling that runs to late May. After that these monsters move out deeper in search of cooler water where we target them until mid-August. Whether spring or summer, Brown Trout fishing can present plenty of action during the right conditions, it’s for this reason we recommend these trips for first timers and children.

Steelhead- The Steelhead is a sea run strain of rainbow trout that has proven to do very well in Lake Ontario. We usually target Steelhead while fishing for Salmon and Trout. Steelhead are known for aerial shows as they leap out of the water!



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